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Reine Salame

Reine, opened Paradis in 2019. She is a certified lash technician and stylist, who is also certified as a nutritional consultant. Reine is passionate about beauty, wellness, and helping women feel their best! 


Reine thrives to insure her clients leave with beautiful results. She is enthusiastic about using the latest techniques, state-of-the-art products and equipment to help clients feel confident by enhancing their already beautiful features. She is dedicated to continuing education to expand her brand and keep up with the latest techniques and technology. 

Reine is known for making lashes look as natural and subtle or as bold and brilliant as each client desires. Reine aims to enhance the natural beauty of each client’s characteristics, and achieves the unique and personal look each client desires. 


On the personal side, Reine was born in Beirut, Lebanon, and is proud of her Lebanese heritage. Being a bit of a "gym rat", the Club at White Oaks is not only a perfect place for Paradis, but perfect for Reine to get in her workouts. Addicted to Starbucks lattes, she easily can feed her cravings at the Starbucks located just upstairs from Paradis. A few other tidbits - Reine loves stand up comedy, she has earned “the Favourite Auntie title” from all her nephews and nieces and she is an avid traveler, to countries such as France, Italy, Dubai and Mexico.

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